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The Sound Fixes Pack V17.71 – Anniversary Edition Sounds Mod brings several changes to the game’s sound effects. In the ETS2 edition, there’s a new sound for the Opalin bus in AI traffic, as well as new engine and horn sounds for the BMW Mini Cooper. Additionally, a new Cummins N14 engine sound has been added to the Peterbilt 379’s in Jazzycat’s Truck Traffic Pack.

The mod aims to enhance the game’s audio, making it feel more immersive and lifelike. Regular updates are released to introduce more realistic sounds into the game.

There are a few requirements for the mod to work properly. It needs to have a higher priority in the Mod Manager than any map mods, AI traffic mods, or AI traffic density/behavior mods.

As for the latest update, a new CAT engine sound has been added for AI traffic in Jazzycat’s Truck Traffic Pack. Additionally, a new Cummins ISX engine sound has been applied to the Freightliner Argosy and Freightliner Classic in the same pack. The retarder sound has also been adjusted to prevent it from playing too loudly.

The mod provides improvements in various aspects of the game’s sounds. Here’s a breakdown of some of the features:

1. Tire/Tyre sounds: The mod introduces realistic interior and exterior tire sounds. The sound of the tires resonates in the cab depending on the speed, giving a sense of acceleration. On dirt and gravel roads, there are heavier gravel sounds.

2. Suspension sounds: Light and medium impacts trigger cabin squeaking and movement sounds, while hard impacts result in key swinging sounds in the interior view.

3. Gameplay/UI sounds: The mod replaces the “Late music” with the Nokia phone ringtone sound. It also introduces a “bing bong” chime for train and ferry loading screen sounds. The volume of garage door, adviser message, and yawning sounds has been reduced. There’s also a new quiet photo camera sound effect for taking screenshots.

4. Fuel/Gas station sounds: The mod adds retro/historic ding sounds while refueling to give an idea of the amount of fuel added. It also includes real fuel pump, fuel lid, door close, seat belt click, and key insertion sound effects.

5. Interior sounds: Real stick/switch/button sounds have been added for various functions such as parking brake, hazard light, wiper stick, light switch, and blinker/indicator/turn signal. The retarder sound has been changed to a real one, and there’s a realistic rumblestrip sound. Additionally, there’s a lane-keeping alert sound if you drive onto the grass too fast and a button press sound effect for the lift axle. At high speeds, the wind sound is slightly faster. Damaged transmissions and gearboxes result in amplified gear grinding sounds.

6. Trailer sounds: Real sound effects have been added for trailer coupling and uncoupling. The mod also includes an air brake hose deattachment sound when uncoupling trailers.

7. AI Traffic sounds: The mod improves the sound of generic AI traffic cars by reducing the buzz noise and increasing tire and engine sounds. Horn sounds for AI traffic vehicles have been updated, and there are more detailed sounds for AI traffic trucks and buses, including turbo sounds and distinctive engine sounds.

8. Mover sounds: The volume of various moving objects, including biplanes and trains, has been increased. The mod also adds sound to movers that originally don’t have sound, such as F22 jet fighters and ocean waves.

9. Location based ambience: The soundscape for companies and delivery points has been enhanced for American Truck Simulator, including daytime and nighttime ambience. The mod also includes suitable volumes and sounds of environmental ambience for various map mods, as well as improved sounds for animated gates.

10. Air horn sounds: The mod offers improved air horn sounds for American Truck Simulator. At the service station, you can choose between a used air horn, a sweet and deep air horn, and a train horn. It’s recommended not to use more than two air horns at a time.

The Sound Fixes Pack V17.71 – Anniversary Edition Sounds Mod is compatible with ETS2 versions 1.27.2 and 1.28.1, as well as ATS version 1.28.1. It should be placed with a high priority in the Mod Manager and is compatible with all trucks and maps. It also supports compatibility with rain sound mods. If you’re using Grimes’ seasonal mods or winter mods, there are specific instructions to follow for a more accurate experience. Additionally, the mod works well with several traffic density/behavior mods.

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