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DAF XF 95 BY VINZEL 1.18 Truck

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The DAF XF 95 BY VINZEL 1.18 Truck is now fully functional on version 1.18 of Euro Truck Simulator 2. It comes with various features and options, making it a versatile choice for truck enthusiasts.

The truck offers three modes of light, allowing you to customize the illumination according to your preferences. The interior is well-designed and provides a comfortable driving experience.

Additionally, you have the option to choose between two types of lattices: plastic and paint. The same goes for the mirrors, with options for interior and exterior mirrors available in both plastic and paint finishes.

The DAF XF 95 also offers three types of visors: plastic, paint, and clear. These visors not only add style to the truck but also provide functional benefits.

In terms of aesthetics, the truck features labels on the bars, pipes on the roof, and two types of laytbara, which serve as additional roof lights. Furthermore, the truck includes mud flaps, side skirts, rear wing, and wheels, all included in the archive. It also features a blind for the regiment, both in the exterior and interior.

One notable feature of the DAF XF 95 BY VINZEL 1.18 Truck is its realistic shadow, which is visible both when the truck is stationary and in motion. The truck also offers a metallic finish option, adding to its overall visual appeal.

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