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EU MAP V1.2.3

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EU MAP V1.2.3 for ETS2

This version of the ETS2 mod map, created by MsHeavyAlex, brings several new additions and improvements. Please note that it is not compatible with version 1.9.x of the game.

Included in this version are:

  1. A new small company called FasTrans, which specializes in food load.
  2. A new big company named Maxilla Transport, known for mostly handling heavy loads.
  3. The addition of FasTrans and Maxilla Transport companies in Torino, Italy.
  4. A new gas station in Torino, Italy.
  5. Maxilla Transport company opening in Verona, Italy.
  6. FasTrans company establishing in Stuttgart, Germany.
  7. Maxilla Transport company opening in Erfurt, Germany.
  8. The addition of a gas station in Erfurt, Germany.

This version of the mod map also includes the changes made in the previous versions:

ETS2 – MsHeavyAlex mod map EU 1.2.2. (release two):

  1. Fixed issues with the service garage in Amiens, France.
  2. Fixed issues with the service garage in Debrecen, Hungary.
  3. Added a new road crossing the Alps from Chur, Switzerland to Bolzano, Italy.
  4. Introduced a new company called Transport21 in Bolzano, Italy.
  5. Added a new company named Bauhaus in Innsbruck, Austria.
  6. Improved the road upon entering Innsbruck, Austria from the east-south side.

ETS2 – MsHeavyAlex mod map EU 1.2 + (release one):

  1. Established a new company called “quarry company” in Dover.
  2. Added a new company named “E.Leclerc” in Dijon.
  3. Introduced the new company Transport21, with different load positions.
  4. Transport21 company opens in Calais, France.
  5. Transport21 company opens in Feldkirch and Sillian, Austria.
  6. Transport21 company opens in various locations, including Prague (Czech Republic), Lodz and Gdansk (Poland), Debrecen (Hungary), Magdeburg and Duisburg (Germany), Cambridge and Carlisle (United Kingdom).
  7. A new gas station is added in Debrecen, Hungary.

ETS2 – MsHeavyAlex mod map EU 1.2:

  1. Fixed roads with jagged edges in various locations, including Epinal, Metz, Strasbourg (France), Bolzano, Belluno (Italy), Sillian, Feldkirch, Unken, Salzburg, Linz, Wien (Austria), Portsmouth, Maidstone, Croydon, London (United Kingdom), and in the surroundings of IKEA place in London.
  2. Fixed issues with the company entrance on the hill in Epinal, France.
  3. Added a new section to the highway around Paris on the west side.
  4. Updated the France sign for highways.
  5. Added a new gas station in the center of Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  6. Improved the gas station near Strasbourg, France.
  7. Established a new small country gas station between Salzburg and Unken in Austria.
  8. Introduced the IKEA company in Salzburg, Austria.
  9. Added a new road from Salzburg to IKEA.
  10. Updated the appearance of normal roads between Metz and Frankfurt, Luxembourg and Liege, and in some parts of Geneva.
  11. Added the new company E.Leclerc.
  12. Changed the positioning of toll gates in north France on the A16 Paris – Calais – Lille route.

In addition to these changes, the mod map also includes improvements and new features in previous versions such as new cities, highways, toll stations, gas stations, and companies in various locations throughout Europe.

The ETS2 – MsHeavyAlex mod map EU is continuously being updated and improved, providing a more realistic and immersive experience for Euro Truck Simulator 2 players.