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F.S.C. STAR 200 Truck

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F.S.C. STAR 200 Truck

The F.S.C. STAR 200 truck is a powerful vehicle with impressive specifications. It has a capacity of 6 tonnes, and when combined with a trailer, it can handle up to 8.5 tonnes. With a maximum speed of 90 km/h and a fuel tank capacity of 150 liters, this truck is designed for efficiency and performance.


There are several variants of the F.S.C. STAR 200 truck available:

  1. Star 200
  2. Star c 200
  3. Star c 244
  4. Star 244
  5. Star 266

The F.S.C. STAR 200 truck is a standalone vehicle that can be found in the large truck salon of Scania. However, it is not recommended to use the automatic gearbox with this truck. It has been tested on the 1.17.x patch, ensuring compatibility and smooth performance.

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