ETS2 Trucks


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The Improved Company Trucks mod for ETS2 offers a range of exciting changes and enhancements to the game:

  • Over 400 different variations of quick job trucks to choose from, compared to the default game’s 49 options and Pendragon’s Quick Jobs Tuned Truck mod’s 58 options.
  • Each truck now has around 30 unique combinations, with slight variations.
  • Both right-hand drive and left-hand drive variants of trucks are available.
  • Trucks have varying levels of wear and tear, so you won’t always get a brand new truck for your job. Some may be slightly used or in poor condition.
  • All types of chassis, cabins, and interiors are now used in quick job trucks. Even low-powered engines are represented, not just high-powered ones.
  • Trucks also come with different accessories, such as wheels, sunshields, mirrors, and door handles. You won’t find any overly decorated trucks with excessive lighting.
  • Correct badges are displayed on the trucks, based on the engine and chassis type.
  • The truck paints have been reworked, including the addition of metallic paints. Some trucks even have their own unique factory paintjobs.
  • There are approximately 50 new color variants available for both quick job trucks and AI cars.
  • All trucks now have working interior lights, thanks to the mod by Alang7.
  • Trucks without built-in GPS now come with TomTom navigators. This feature is thanks to Schumi’s mod.
  • The user interface has been made more challenging. Virtual mirrors have been removed and the advisor has lost some functions, such as showing the map, time, ETA, speed, gear, damage, and fuel level. However, you can still view delivery details, read mail, and request a service.
  • As part of increased realism, icons for service stations, gas stations, recruit agencies, rest areas, and undiscovered places have been removed from the map.
  • You won’t know the chassis of a truck until you actually take a job, as the camera only shows the front of the truck.

In terms of compatibility, the mod has been tested on version 1.20.1 and works without any issues. It should also work on previous versions. You can use it with map mods, such as ProMods, Poland Rebuilding, and RusMap, but make sure to prioritize this mod higher. Other truck mods will also work but should be given a higher priority than this mod.

There are a few known bugs with the mod:

  • An obsolete flare data definition error may appear in the console, related to the interior lights mod.
  • An error stating “redundant front/rear wheel removed” may occur, though the front and rear wheel definition files have been double-checked.
  • An incorrect front/rear wheel definition error may also occur.

These errors do not affect gameplay and will not cause the game to crash.

Enjoy the enhanced experience!