ETS2 Sounds


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The Improved Environment Sound V1.2 Mod is a modification for Euro Truck Simulator 2 (ETS2) that enhances the audio experience of the game. This mod adds over 230 high-quality sounds and music to ETS2, making the in-game environment more realistic and immersive.

Some of the key features of this mod include:

  • New realistic sounds for AI cars, including horn sounds taken from real cars.
  • Unique windshield wipers sounds for each truck.
  • Improved refueling and trailer coupling sounds.
  • High-quality rain, interior rain, and thunder sounds.
  • Enhanced rain blobs textures and windshield effects.
  • Realistic train sounds, including the sound of railroad crossings.
  • New yawn sounds for male and female drivers.
  • Enhanced garage interior and garage gates sound.
  • New environment sounds for forests and cities.
  • Reworked ambiance sounds for various companies and locations.
  • Added and changed sounds for game objects like animals, people, and machines.
  • New sounds for ferries and trains, including the Eurotunnel.
  • New sound for the photo mode camera.
  • New menu music.

This mod is fully compatible with the Sound Fixes Pack mod by Drive Safely, but it must be installed with a higher priority. It has been tested with ETS2 version 1.22 and should also work with previous versions. The mod is compatible with all map mods, but it should have a higher priority. It has also been adapted for popular map mods such as Pro Mods, Russian Open Spaces, TSM, MHA, and Rus Map.

The latest update of the mod includes several improvements and bug fixes:

  • Decreased sound levels for cows, horses, bird flocks, forest ambient sounds, and company sounds.
  • Added more sounds for companies, cities, and forest environments.
  • Improved coupling and refueling sounds.
  • Changed the outside sound of rain.
  • Added new sounds for trains and railroad crossing warnings.
  • Increased interior sound for better traffic audibility.
  • Enhanced rain blob textures and effects on windshields.
  • Improved traffic sounds and horns.
  • Fixed minor bugs.

VOLVO FH 2009 8X4 ULFERS V5.0 Truck