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KENWORTH T908 V.4.0 (1.20) 1.21 Truck

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The KENWORTH T908 V.4.0 (1.20) 1.21 Truck is now available in the showroom under the brand Iveco. It is also included in the company’s fleet and can be found in the tractor gallery. The truck features realistic engines, transmissions, sounds, and both left-hand and right-hand drive interiors.

Here are the latest updates:

  1. An icon for speeding has been added to the GPS.
  2. The clock color has been fixed to red.
  3. Unnecessary shine on the visor in the interior has been removed.
  4. The shadow in the landfills has been lightened.
  5. A file for the registration of the cab physics has been added, ensuring that the wipers are now synchronized with the movement of the cab.
  6. Coloring templates have been added.
  7. The floor in the cabins has been redesigned for a better appearance.
  8. The mirror now reflects in real-time without any delay when rotating the camera.
  9. The scale of figurines on the hood has been reduced.
  10. Air filters have been redesigned and new ones have been added.
  11. General registration improvements have been made.
  12. The glow of the headlights from the bumper has been fixed.
  13. Various minor bugs have been addressed and fixed.

PS – In order to access the “GPS” feature, press the key “U” (the lighthouse). To watch TV, press “W” (dacport) and switch to the appearance of icons on the TV dacport. The archive “Physics wiper” affects the physics of the cars in the game, specifically the movement of the cabins. This archive ensures that the wipers move correctly in relation to the cabin. The mod includes a manifest file.

Virat, SCS: - 3D model. Stas556: Envelope, animation, registration. kriechbaum: - Sounds, the registration of engines and transmissions. Fire-Blade: - 3ds Max modeling. Robert Bogdanov: - Texturing, scan. Gerald Hardie: Technical support. Mick Brown: - Accessories. Mishanka: - Other registration. Knox: - dashboard TV & GPS