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KENWORTH W900L V1.5 Truck

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Introducing the KENWORTH W900L V1.5 Truck

The KENWORTH W900L V1.5 Truck created by Aiightis is now available for use. However, please note that you are using this mod at your own risk. This is the final release, and no further updates will be made to address any issues that may arise. If you encounter any problems, please refrain from contacting me, as I am already aware of them and will not be providing any fixes.

If you decide to purchase a truck with the 8×6 (heavy haul) chassis, please refrain from attempting to modify the chassis. Doing so will result in a crash or screen freeze. If you wish to switch to a different chassis, you will need to purchase a new truck instead. Please note that the 8×6 chassis is functioning correctly.

It is important to mention that this crash does not produce an error log entry. Instead, the game freezes. Unfortunately, I have been unable to troubleshoot this issue due to the lack of a crash to desktop. Therefore, please refrain from reaching out to me regarding this problem, as I am already aware of it and will not be working on it any further.

To install the mod, simply drop the provided .scs file into your mod folder. Then, go to the profile select screen and activate the mod in your profile settings. The Kenworth truck is a standalone vehicle and will not replace any existing vehicles. You can purchase it from any large Iveco dealer or online.

If you were using the “steering adjustment” file from the previous version, I recommend removing it. The shorter length chassis options may be less stable than the longer ones, and the fast steering could potentially cause the truck to flip. This is especially true for the daycab and standard length sleeper options. If you find these options unstable, try adjusting your controller settings in the game menu. As long as you drive safely, it should not be a problem.

I have personally tested the mod with ETS2 version 1.18x and also with TSM map version 6.

Onixer - interior, dash and animations Carlosbruxel - For accessory parts Mitch Blake - For daycab "cab" model Kris - for the original KW900 model from haulin.