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MAN TGX V 2.0 Truck

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The MAN TGX V 2.0 Truck has been updated with various improvements and accessories.

Version 2.0:

  • The chassis now has a lowered suspension, which can be customized separately
  • There are two options for the rear wings: plastic in the body color
  • The navigator Lexand has been slightly increased in size
  • The arrows on the dashboard have been made lighter
  • The greenish glass has been reduced

New Accessories:

  • A side curtain has been added
  • A factory visor with an inscription is now available
  • A DVR (digital video recorder) is included, with a screen that can be configured through F4 “front mirror” (note: if the DVR is installed, the front mirror needs to be removed to avoid display issues)
  • There is now leather trim on the rear wall
  • Additional accessories like blankets, pillows, and a sleeping bag are also included

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