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MAN TGX V1.5 V1.17 Truck

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The MAN TGX V1.5 V1.17 Truck is a powerful and versatile vehicle for Euro Truck Simulator 2.

The latest version, v1.5, comes with a range of new features. One of the notable additions is the optional GPS (Mio Spirit) for UK interiors, allowing for improved navigation during your journeys. Additionally, curtains have been added to all cabs, including the UK variant, providing a touch of privacy and style. Interior sunshields are also now available for all cabs, including the UK models, ensuring that you can shield yourself from the bright sun while driving. Furthermore, small fixes and improvements have been made to the cab and bumper, enhancing the overall appearance and functionality of the truck. The headlights have also received a new texture, improving their visual appeal. Lastly, the interior sunshield has been fixed for XLX and XL cab models, ensuring a seamless driving experience.

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