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MAN TGX V1.6 Truck

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The MAN TGX V1.6 Truck has undergone some updates in its features. The new version offers an 8×4 chassis option, allowing for better performance and stability on the road. Additionally, all chassis now come with a front hook for a heavy bumper, providing extra protection.

Furthermore, there are now wind deflectors available for the windows, which come in two different versions. Additionally, the truck offers decals for the windows, with three different options to choose from. On the right window, there are small decals available in nine different versions, allowing for customization and personalization.

The mirrors of the MAN TGX V1.6 Truck have also been upgraded. There is a new side mirror available in three different versions: paint, chrome, and plastic. The front mirror has also been updated and is now available in the same three versions. In addition, the truck now offers new mirrors, also available in the three different versions.

For those looking for a shorter chassis option, the new version also includes a 6×2 chassis.

Lastly, the update has fixed the gap between the fuel tank and the cab for all chassis, improving the overall appearance of the truck. There have also been some small fixes made to the interior and exterior of the truck.

Overall, these updates make the MAN TGX V1.6 Truck an even better option for those in the market for a reliable and customizable truck.

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