ETS2 Parts/Tuning


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To install the MEGA STORE V2.1 FIX for ETS2, you need to delete the old Mega Store and replace it with the new one.

The mod description includes the following features:
– Normal frames for all trucks
– Lowered frames on “Iron Front”
– Different combinations of assembly options
– Some trucks have the ability to replace multiple parts, not all vehicles are the same
– Option to install rear fender or not on certain frames
– Choice of 4 colors for the glass front cab
– Choice of 4 shades for the cab side windows
– Choice of 4 shades for the chassis glass lights
– Combination of front cab masks
– Combination of front chassis front panel
– Full paint cabins for some models
– Ability to install neon directly into the housing
– Choice of 8 different colors of brake calipers for 4×2, 6×4, and 6×2 chassis, able to change brake pad color
– Black Edition for Renault Premium and Renault Magnum models
– Chrome side mirrors
– Chrome front mirror
– Paintable side mirrors
– Paintable front mirror
– Ability to install skinable cab mirrors using external mapping
– 6 new highly visible LED lights
– And many more updates

Updates V1.2 include the following:
– Removal of LED strips for SCANIA, VOLVO, MAN and IVECO
– Integration of LED and Xenon arrows in the group
– Introduction of 4 new types of LEDs (2 normal arrows, 2 small arrows)
– Fix for bright strip on Scania Cab A
– Introduction of driver and passenger side plates in various colors
– Introduction of passenger and driver side plates with the option to add LED outlines
– Introduction of plates with Telepass on the passenger side
– Fix for some lights
– Fix for floating lights on Iveco chassis
– Addition of different types of lights for some trucks

Updates V1.3 include:
– Addition of variant tail lights for all trucks
– Ability to install full LED tail lights
– Addition of front panel lights
– Fix for MAN issues with SCS versions
– Fix for Scania skin mapping with Truckshop by Maghetto
– Fix for front panel and skirts slots for MAN and Scania
– Fix for Mercedes mirror skin
– Flare set created for original game taillights
– Addition of flare pack for LED supplement
– Fix for Magnum glass

Updates V1.4 include:
– Addition of Volvo FH16 2013, with some optional features
– 4 types of front cabin glass
– 4 types of cab side windows
– 4 types of top cab glass
– 4 types of chassis glass lights
– Neon chassis for 4×2 and 6×2/6×4
– Rear brakes for 4×2, 6×4, and 6×2
– Selectable color brake pads
– LED and standard taillights
– Addition of lowered frame for Volvo FH16 2013, except for Volvo 2013
– Addition of rear cab slot that can be placed in all trucks with a back attachment point
– Updated 6×2 and 6×4 Stralis skirts
– Addition of miniskirts for Stralis
– Improved lowered trucks
– Fixes for some skirts
– Fix for Iveco Hiway texture
– Fix for taillights
– Addition of modular taillights for all trucks
– Addition of additional types of lights, single beacons for modular

Updates V1.5 include:
– Chromed front mirror for Volvo 2013
– Painted front mirror for Volvo 2013
– Chromed side mirrors for Volvo 2013
– Painted side mirrors for Volvo 2013
– Insertion of front grill and chassis for Volvo 2013, in chromed and painted versions
– Insertion of rear cab in chromed and painted versions for Volvo 2013
– Insertion of rear skirts for Volvo 2013 6×2 and 6×4 chassis
– Mini chromed insert for 4×2, 6×2, and 6×4 Volvo 2013 chassis
– Fix for rear cab slot for Volvo 2009
– Insertion of rear cab slot for Volvo 2013
– Insertion of skirts slot for Volvo 2013
– Addition of bug lights for Volvo 2013 with RGBA LED stripe
– Addition of medium rear cab for Volvo 2013, in painted and chromed mode

Updates V1.6 include:
– Addition of Volvo FH16 2012 with full paintable taxi front
– Addition of two default grills for Volvo 2013, black and grey
– Addition of new flashing LEDs and 12 new fixed LEDs
– Fix for some Volvo 2009 slots
– Addition of skirts with LEDs
– Updated truck skirt mappings

Updates V1.7 include:
– Fix for Scania and Volvo skirts missing pins
– Fix for Scania exhaust
– Addition of modular SCANIA 8×4 chassis (credits unknown)
– Addition of modular MAN 8×4 and 8×2 chassis
– New multi-LEDs
– Addition of road stripe skirts
– Fix for Mercedes cabin slot
– Fix for Scania 6×2, 6×4, and 8×4 skirts
– Change in cabin mapping for full paint Iveco Hiway
– Addition of black plastic fenders
– Addition of chromatic fenders
– Addition of point fenders
– Addition of headlights with letters from A to Z, including Snail @ and slashes /
– Many other small adjustments made to several trucks

Updates Vl.8 include:
– Fix for MAN extra cab slot
– Fix for Scania extra skirts slots (renamed, arranged, and added)
– Addition of new 6×2, 6×4, and 8×4 Scania skirts
– Removal of perimeter lights on Scania 6×4, 6×2, and 8×4 chassis
– Addition of new side lights on 8×4 Scania chassis
– Addition of new Iveco 8×4 and 8×2 Hiway chassis
– New mapping for Hiway skirts
– Hiway skirts for 8×4/4 and 8×2/6 chassis
– Neon underbody for Hiway 8×4/4 and 8×2/6 chassis
– Neon underbody for MAN 8×4/4 and 8×2/6 chassis
– Neon underbody for 8×4 Scania chassis
– Skirts slots for Hiway 8×4/4 and 8×2/6 chassis
– Addition of tank combined with rear cabin on Iveco Hiway
– Dirt and water tank on modular chassis 8×4/4 and 8×2/6
– Updates on names, prices, and electrical discharges in accessories
– Updated shadow texture for MAN 8×4/4 and 8×2/6
– Fix for cabin slot numbering for MAN
– Addition of Juci round with numbers
– Fix for Volvo 2009 skirts
– Addition of Volvo 2009 lights
– Addition of Volvo 2012 lights
– Original Mercedes logo for interior
– Addition of 8 new roof grill LEDs compatible with front and roof grill
– Addition of 8 new mini LED roof with front and roof grill
– Addition of 8 new mini LED flashing lights compatible with grill and roof grill
– Update on all Jed for roof grill, bottom grill, and front grill

Updates Vl.9 include:
– Fix for LED/Blk on Scania
– Fix for MAN badges
– Fix for DAF skirts slots (short/long)
– Fix for DAF chassis slots
– Fix for IVECO chassis slots
– Fix for MAN chassis and cabin slots
– Fix for Stralis chassis and cabin slots
– Fix for Hiway 8×4/4 cabin and chassis slots
– Fix for Renault Premium chassis and cabin slots
– Fix for Renault Magnum chassis and cabin slots
– Fix for Mercedes Actros chassis and cabin slots
– Fix for Volvo 2012 luxury version
– Fix for neon on Scania, Iveco, and MAN
– Fix for left turn signal
– Creation of 2×6/4 Volvo 2012 frames in full paint and chrome
– Creation of 2×6/4 frames skirts
– Creation of extras for 2×6/4 frames
– Shadow for 2×6/4 chassis
– Fix for small LED left and right turn signals
– Creation of sewage for Volvo 2×6/4
– Renault Magnum chassis 6×4

Updates V2.0 include:
– Updated chassis prices
– Updated cabin prices
– Updated interior prices
– Creation of vertical multicolor LED
– MAN 6×2 and 6×4 skirts
– Fix for Volvo slots
– Fix for Renault headlights
– Neon for Volvo FH12 2013 2×6
– Fix for MAN badges