ETS2 Parts/Tuning


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Mod Description:
– Frames of all trucks normal
– Frames of all trucks lowered to “Iron Front”
– Possibility of different combinations of assembly
– Some trucks have the ability to replace multiple parts, and not all vehicles are the same
– Option to have rear fenders or not on some frames
– Choice of 4 colors for front cab glass
– Choice of 4 shades for cab side windows
– Choice of 4 shades for chassis glass lights
– Combine front mask of cabin
– Combine front panel of chassis
– Full paint cabins for some models
– Ability to install neon directly on the housing
– Selection of 8 different colors for brake calipers for chassis 4×2 6×4 6×2 through the brake slot that allows changing the color of the brake pads … (servicing add-on ports)
– Renault Premium Black Edition (matt black paint)
– Renault Magnum Black Edition (matt black paint)
– Chrome side mirrors
– Chrome mirror front
– Paintable side mirrors
– Paintable front mirrors
– Ability to install cab skinnable mirrors through external mapping in Appendix I, leave a mod that reflects additional mappings for and add it to the mod
– Only for Black Edition versions, reflects the front, cab, and side in black edition
– 6 new LED lights clearly visible
– And much more UPDATES V1.1
– Introduced some models of front lights group
– Fixed some bugs on chassis slots
– Fixed some bugs on cab slots
– Fixed some bugs on skirt slots
– Fixed skinnable Mercedes mirrors
– Updated some lowered frames
– Updated extras slots on missing trucks
– Introduced 6 new MINILED with respective colors of larger LEDs
– Introduced short skirts for other truck models
– Introduced brand logo lighting options for trucks
– Assigned new names to cabs
– Introduced preferential prices in my mod PRICE: 100 UNLOCK: 0 all pieces cost 100 and unlocked at level 0
– Real-time Mercedes brand WARNING: I HAVE INTRODUCED THE REAL MERCEDES BRAND… so if you want to remove the REAL MOD MERCEDES LOGO or something similar

– Removed LED stripes for SCANIA, VOLVO, MAN, IVECO – Integrated LED and Xenon arrows in the group
– Introduced 4 new types of LEDs (2 regular arrows, 2 small arrows)
– Fixed bright stripe on Scania Cab A – Fixed skirt slots and cab
– Introduced driver and passenger side plates in different colors
– Introduced outlines LED plates for passenger and driver side plates
– Introduced plates with passenger side Telepass
– Fixed some traffic lights
– Fixed floating lights on Iveco chassis
– Added different types of group lights for some trucks

– Added variant rear lights for all trucks – Ability to install full LED taillights – Added panel lights
– Fixed MAN for SCS version updates
– Fixed Scania mapping with Maghetto truckshop skin
– Fixed slot for MAN front and skirts
– Fixed slot for Scania front
– Fixed Mercedes mirror skin
– Managed original game’s flare set for taillights
– Created flare pack for LED supplemental lights
– Fixed Magnum glass UPDATES V1.4
– Added Volvo FH16 2013, with some optional features
– 4 types of front cab glass
– 4 types of cab side windows
– 4 types of top cab glass
– 4 types of chassis glass lights
– Neon chassis 4×2
– Neon chassis 6×2 and 6×4
– Rear brakes for 4×2, 6×4 and 6×2
– Selectable color brake pads
– LED taillights and standard
– Added lowered frame for Volvo FH16 2013 4×2 and 6×4 and x2 except Volvo 2013
– Added rear cab slot for all trucks with rear attachment point
– Updated skirts for Stralis 6×2 and 6×4
– Added miniskirts for Stralis
– Fixed some skirts
– Fixed Iveco Hiway texture
– Fixed taillights
– Added modular taillights for all trucks
– Added additional types of lights single beacon lights for modular UPDATES V1.5
– Chrome front mirror for Volvo 2013
– Added front mirror paint for Volvo 2013
– Added chrome side mirrors for Volvo 2013
– Added mirror paint for Volvo 2013
– Placed front grill of cab and chassis for Volvo 2013 version in chrome and paint – Inserted mesh in cab bumper and chassis for Volvo 2013 version in chrome and paint
– Inserted fully chrome 2013 Volvo (luxury version)
– Inserted modular taillights for Volvo 2013
– Set short skirts for Volvo 2013 6×2 and 6×4 chassis
– Added mini chrome insert (luxury version) for 4×2, 6×2 and 6×4 chassis
– Fixed rear cab slot for Volvo 2009
– Inserted rear cab slot for Volvo 2013
– Inserted slot for skirts on Volvo 2013
– Added bug lights for Volvo 2013 with RGBA LED STRIPE – Inserted medium rear cab for Volvo 2013 in paint and chrome mode

– Added Volvo FH16 2012 overall with skinnable front taxi
– Added two default grids for Volvo 2013, black and grey
– New blinking LEDs and fixed a total of 12 new LEDs
– Fixed some slot issues for Volvo 2009
– Added skirts with LED for Volvo
– Updated truck’s skirts mapping
– Iveco Hiway 2011 template kyto
– Scania 2009 template kyto
– Stralis 2009 template kyto
– Volvo 2009 template kyto
– Volvo 2013 template full paint kyto
– Volvo 2013 template kyto

– Fixed Scania and Volvo skirts missing pin
– Fixed Scania exhaust
– Modular chassis for 8×4 SCANIA (chassis taken from the internet and perfectly recreated to match the original, do not know the credits)
– Modular chassis for 8×4 and 8×2 MAN (personal work)
– 8×4 chassis with 2-wheel steering and 2-wheel drive
– 8×2 chassis with 3-wheel steering and 1-wheel drive, 2-wheel steering in the opposite direction of controllable rear axle
– New multi LEDs
– Added roadstripe undercarriage
– Fixed Mercedes cabin slot
– Fixed Scania skirts for 6×2, 6×4, and 8×4
– Changed cabin on Full Paint Iveco Hiway
– Added black plastic fenders
– Added chromatic fenders
– Added pointy fenders
– Added headlights with letters from A to Z including @ and /
and many other small things added to multiple trucks.

– Fixed MAN extra cabin slot
– Fixed extra slot for SCANIA skirts (renamed, rearranged, and added)
– New skirts for Scania 6×2, 6×4, and 8×4
– Removed perimeter lights from Scania chassis 6×4, 6×2, and 8×4
– New side lights for Scania 8×4 chassis
– New chassis for Iveco Hiway 8×4 and 8×2
– New mapping for Hiway skirts
– Hiway skirts for 8×4/4 and 8×2/6
– Neon underbody for Hiway 8×4/4 and 8×2/6
– Neon underbody for MAN 8×4/4 and 8×2/6
– Neon underbody for Scania 8×4
– Skirt slots for Hiway 8×4/4 and 8×2/6
– Rear cabin exhaust for Iveco Hiway combined with tank
– Dirt and water tank on modular 8×4/4 and 8×2/6 chassis
– Updated names/prices and added electrical discharge symbol to accessories
– Updated shadow texture for MAN 8×4/4 and 8×2/6
– Fixed numbering for MAN cab slots
– Added Juci rounds with numbers
– Fixed Volvo 2009 skirts
– Added lighting to Volvo 2009
– Added lighting to Volvo 2012
– Original interior Mercedes logo
– Added 8 new LED roof grill lights compatible with roof and front grill
– Added 8 new mini LED roof lights compatible with roof and front grill
– Added 8 new mini LED flashing lights compatible with grill and roof front grill
– Updated Jed for roof grill, bottom grill, and front grill

– Fixed LED/Blk Scania
– Fixed MAN badges
– Fixed slot for DAF skirts short/long
– Fixed slot for DAF chassis
– Fixed slot for IVECO chassis
– Fixed slot for MAN chassis and cab
– Fixed slot for Stralis chassis and cab
– Fixed slot for Hiway 8×4/4 cab and skirts
– Fixed slot for Renault Premium chassis and cab
– Fixed slot for Renault Magnum chassis and cab
– Fixed slot for Mercedes Actros chassis and cab
– Fixed Volvo 2012 luxury version
– Fixed neon lights on Scania, Iveco, Man
– Fixed left turn signal
– Created frame for 2×6/4 Volvo 2012 full paint and chrome
– Created skirts for 2×6/4 frame
– Created extra skirts for 2×6/4 frame
– Shadow for 2×6/4 chassis
– Fixed small LED left and right turn signals
– Created exhaust for Volvo 2×6/4
– Renault Magnum chassis 6×4

– Updated chassis prices
– Updated cab prices
– Updated interior prices
– Created MULTILED Vertical
– MAN skirts 6×2 and 6×4
– Fixed Volvo slot
– Fixed Renault headlights
– Volvo FH12 2013 neon 2×6
– Fixed MAN badges

Patch 1.7.1