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The MERCEDES ACTROS MP4 V2.5 Truck is a popular mod for the Euro Truck Simulator 2 (ETS2). This mod introduces several new features to enhance the truck’s appearance and functionality.

The mod includes various modifications such as a lower suspension, updated wheels, new color options, and a paintable grille. Additionally, the fog lights have been improved and now function properly. The latest version (v.2.5) of the mod brings even more additions and improvements.

In version 2.5, the interior of the truck has been enhanced with customizable accessories. Now, players can decorate their truck with items like coffee cups, papers, crowns, phones, and more. Two new lightbars have also been added to further customize the truck’s lighting options.

Furthermore, the mod introduces a Russian number plate option for players who want an authentic touch. The bumper issues from previous versions have been fixed, and additional fog lights have been installed on the bumper for improved visibility.

The MERCEDES ACTROS MP4 V2.5 Truck mod offers ETS2 players a more immersive and customizable trucking experience. With its various features and improvements, this mod adds a new level of detail and personalization to the game.

DRON4ik194, SCS
VOLVO FH 2013 [OHAHA] V18.5S Truck