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MHA MAP EU 1.4.2

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The MHA MAP EU 1.4.2 for ETS2 introduces several new features and improvements:

1. Prague (CZ): A new company called Maxilla has been added.

2. Prague (CZ): Another new company called Roadwork is now available.

3. Wind PowerPlant: The look of the power plant has been updated, with credit given to Nico (ProMods).

4. New company MOD: A Sawmill1 company with a delivery place inside has been added.

5. München (D): A new Sawmill1 company has been established.

6. Stuttgart (D): Another Sawmill1 company is now present in the city.

7. Krakow (PL): Roadwork has expanded to this location as well.

8. Ruzomberok (SK): A new city has been added, along with three new companies: Quarry, Transport21, and Fastrans.

9. New Models: Numerous new models have been added to the game, with credit given to Bluetruck, Jazzycat, and Atak_Snajpera.

10. New Package: Version 5.2 includes new models, prefabs, and other content from FLD.

11. Grudziadz (PL): Roadwork and Transport21 now have a presence in this city.

12. Mannheim (D): Sawmil1 has opened a new company here.

13. Kassel (D): Another branch of Sawmil1 can now be found in this city.

14. Aberdeen (UK): Roadwork has expanded to this location as well.

15. Improved Roads: The normal road between Aberdeen (UK) and Edinburgh (UK) has been given a new look.

16. Košice (PL): The traffic in the Industrial zone has been fixed.

17. Košice (SK): Fueltrans, a new company, has been established in the Industrial zone.

18. AI Car Fixes: Speed issues caused by AI cars have been addressed in several countries, including Italy, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, and Germany.

19. München (D): Fastrans has expanded its operations to this city.

20. Bydgoszcz (PL): The city has been stabilized and model reduced to improve performance.

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