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MHA PRO MAP EU V1.9 1.17.X

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The MHA PRO MAP EU V1.9 1.17.X is an expansion for Euro Truck Simulator 2 (ETS2). It provides various new features and additions to enhance the gameplay experience.

Some of the key features of this expansion include:

  1. New company MHA service has been added.
  2. Introduction of a new company called Transport21 in the city.
  3. Inclusion of a new city called Chemnitz in Germany.
  4. Integration of the Europe company, MHA service company, Transport21 company, and Farm company in the new city.
  5. A brand new connection has been established from the highway to the city of Chemnitz in Germany.
  6. Addition of the MHA service company in various locations across different countries, such as Austria (Linz, Klagenfurt), UK (Carlisle, Cardiff, Aberdeen, Cambridge, Plymouth, Liverpool, Grimsby, Maidstone), Slovakia (B.Bystrica, Košice), Hungary (Debrecen), France (Metz, Calais, Dieppe), Czech Republic (Brno), Belgium (Liege), Germany (Mannheim, Nürnberg, Bremen, Magdeburg, Düsseldorf), Poland (Poznan, Wroclaw, Lublin, Grudziadz), Nederland (Groningen), Switzerland (Zürich), and Italy (Verona, Belluno, Torino).
  7. A new highway A29 has been introduced, connecting Dieppe (France) to Le Havre (France).

This expansion is compatible with ETS2 version 1.17.x and above. It offers exciting new locations, companies, and roads for players to explore in their virtual trucking journey.

Heavy Alex