ETS2 Maps


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DLC Oversize – you will see Routes in MHAPro :
– from WGCC Koln (D) to ITCC to Amsterdam (NL)
– from Stein Bruch Mine Dortmund (D) to Stein Bruch Mine Hannover (D)
– from Stavanger (N) Mine to Mine near Oslo (N)
– from Berlin (D) NBFC to ITCC Szszecin (PL)
– from Reims (F) Stein Bruch to Stein Bruch Epinal (F)
– from Sheffield (UK) ITCC to Birmingham (UK) San Builders
– from Dresden (D) eAcres to Wroclaw (PL) eAcres
– from Kosice (SK) ITCC to Budapest (H) NBFC
– from Luxembourg (L) ITCC to Liege (B) ITCC
– from Palermo (I) Harbor to Farm near Catania (I)
– from Napoli Harbor (I) to ACC at Terni (I)
– from Nice (F) Tradeaux to Mine near Nice (F)
– from Cardiff (UK) Stokes to Tree-et in Birmingham (UK)
– from From Szeged (H) eAcres to Debrecen (H) eAcres

1. small city Chieti ( I )
– company quadrelli
2. new signs
3. small village Santacaterina ( I )
– company sal
– company fattoria_f
– company fui
4. new roads around Santacaterina ( I )
5. new city Aprilia ( I )
– company pp_chimica
– company libellula
– company fattoria_f
6. new roads inside city Aprilia ( I )
7. new city Artena ( I )
– company concargo
– company fattoria_f
8. new village Les Trois-Moutiers ( F )
– company MHA service
– company tesore_gust
– company Maxilla
– company fui
9. new roads around village Les Trois-Moutiers (F)
10. new city Zwolle ( NL ) – campoint 1008
– company Scania
– company Dans_jardin
– company nos_pat_lhv
– company tesore gust
– company cnp
– company Gradis
– company Volvo dealer
– company batisse hs
– company transport 21
– company MHA service
11. new village Mrowino (PL) (made by Matamet)
– company Euroacress
– company Tree_et
12. new look Poznan (PL) (made by Matamet)
– new gas station
13. company Kaarfor Munchen (D) is back in game
14. company Kaarfor Edinburgh (UK) is back in game
15. company Kaarfor Frankfurt (D) is back in game
16. company Kaarfor Lublin (PL) is back in game
17. company Kaarfor Ostrava (CZ) is back in game
18. company Kaarfor Poznan (PL) is back in game
19. company Kaarfor Reims (FR) is back in game
20. company Kaarfor Swansea (UK) is back in game
21. company Sellplan Dresden (D) is back in game
22. company Sellplan Klagenfurt (A) is back in game
23. company Sellplan Košice (SK) is back in game
24. company Sellplan Lodz (PL) is back in game
25. company Sellplan London (UK) is back in game
26. company Sellplan Magdeburg (D) is back in game
27. company Sellplan Newcastle (UK) is back in game
28. company Sellplan Olsztyn (PL) is back in game
29. company Sellplan Osnabruck (D) is back in game
30. company Sellplan Praha (CZ) is back in game
31. company Sellplan Sheffield (UK) is back in game
33. company Sellplan Southampton (UK) is back in game
34. new industrial look in Southampton (UK)
35. company Sellplan Wien (A) is back in game
36. some new roads around those companies
37. new village Wrzesnia (PL) (made by Matamet)
– company Spinelli
38. new road nbr 92 Poznan (PL)¸
39. new A9 road in UK
40. new city Blackford (UK)
– company Concargo
– company libellula (motocycle factory)
– company Morrison
41. new roads around city Blackford (UK)
42. totally new connection on A9 highway road near Blackford (UK)
43. after 6 days fight with new update and many problems in map, MOD is back
44. fixed many problems from Vanilla game which cause problems to MHAPro
45. fixed bugs on map
46. fixed terrain around companies in Santacaterina ( I )
47. fixed problems in Palermo (I)
48. new signs in and around Palermo (I)
49. fixed Toll gates around Palermo (I)
50. Palermo (I)
– company MHA service
51. Taranto (I)
– company Eurogoodies
51. Bari (I)
– company Roadwork
52. overlook road from Szeged (H) to Debrecen (H)
53. changed some textures on terrain – better look

Heavy Alex