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Improved Weather Sound V1.6.1 for ETS2

The Improved Weather Sound V1.6.1 mod, developed by nIGhT-SoN, enhances the sound effects of rain both inside and outside the truck. This mod creates a realistic experience by maximizing the Rain Probability setting. When using this mod, you will feel like you are inside a truck during a rainstorm. Even when using the exterior camera, the game feels incredibly immersive. The mod also slightly amplifies the exterior sound to achieve a more authentic simulation. Starting from version 1.5, a more realistic effect of raindrops on the windshield and side windows has been included, based on the work of AlterEgos and the Awesome Rain mod. I would like to express my gratitude to AlterEgos for discovering the responsible file/lines. It’s important to note that the mod adjusts various values and effects to achieve its unique outcome.

Important Note: This version of the mod has undergone significant improvements, with special focus on making the rain sound more realistic inside the truck. This includes the sound of raindrops on the windshield and cabin, with a more three-dimensional effect. When you hear it, you will understand the difference. The exterior sounds have also been optimized, with the inclusion of sounds of raindrops falling on the chassis from the cabin, closer and distant thunder, and more.

Changelog v1.6.1:
– No major changes were made, except for updating the game_data.sii file to ensure compatibility with the latest version (1.12). Additionally, a fix for ProMods has been implemented.

Changelog v1.6:
– The exterior rain sound has been enhanced, with a brighter and more distinct quality.
– The interior rain sound has been improved, with a brighter and clearer effect.
– While these changes may not appear significant initially, the difference can be heard, providing a closer representation of real-life rain sounds.

Changelog v1.5:
– A new visual effect of rain on the windshield and side windows has been introduced.