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We are releasing the promised update for REISPROJECT 1.2B for ETS2. The update includes bugfixes, the option to have a winter scenery, and the activation of Rzeszow. Overall, the Reisproject is a major rebuild of SCS’ map with added areas such as Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. The focus of this project was to provide a high level of detail.

The changelog from version 1.1 to 1.2 includes compatibility with ETS2 versions above 1.8.2 and DLCs. It also introduces regional specific registration plates system in Germany, modifies fuel consumption, adds more details to roads and landscapes, and includes bugfixes.

The prerequisites for using this mod are ETS version 1.8.5 and the “Going East” DLC. To get started, simply copy the content of the main .rar file and the English-Conversion file into an empty mod file, and start a new game. Please note that Bregenz in Austria and Rzeszow in Poland are not available as headquarters locations.

This mod supports other mods that do not modify its definition files, such as stock replacements, skins, trailers, AI vehicles, and real logo mods. For the best experience, we recommend using the HUD-Mod by Hemil, Trailers+Skins by Bora & Nordisch, True-AI-Lights by an author mentioned in the SCS-Forum, and orange street lamps by Zero. If any mod causes problems, please remove it.

Here are some special information about the mod:

  1. The console may display yellow lines, but they are nothing to worry about. They are a result of enlarging certain road sections to enhance the road scenery.
  2. Due to a lack of knowledge about working with Zmod, some signs could not be converted to the current PMG/PMD format.
  3. To improve the experience, there are no shimmering road blocks or dead ends in the modified or new areas. Please refer to the map for more information.
  4. The optional economy mod included in this mod makes the game more challenging in terms of finances.
  5. The damage levels have been reduced, so accidents caused by AI drivers will not adversely affect your bank-account.
  6. The map file is no longer locked, but you cannot make changes to the definitions, models, textures, etc. Keep in mind that any changes you make to the map will be overwritten in future updates.
  7. It is recommended to lower ETS2’s general speed using the command “warp 0.65”. The default speed is too high and feels more like a racing game with a speed of about 170kph.
  8. Italian “city-limit-signs” have been temporarily removed.
  9. The newly added city of Rzeszow is currently deactivated, but it will be activated in the next few days.
  10. Please note that despite the careful creation of this mod, some unknown problems may still occur.

– Winter scenery by bledrajor
– Sign model by Bora
– Sign model2 by Kamaz – converted by Merlinita
– Overlay definitions/flags by Merlinita
– Elektronische Anzeigetafel by an author – converted by Merlinita
– Scandinavian landscape coach: nod/esp
– Tranquillizer by Gauloises Melange Original/OCB/Gizeh

Finally, have fun playing with this mod!

- winter scenery by bledrajor - sign model by bora - sign model2 by kamaz - converted by merlinita - overlay definitions/flags by merlinita - Elektronische Anzeigetafel by ? - converted by merlinita - scandinavian landscape coach: nod/esp - tranquillizer by Gauloises Melange Original/OCB/Gizeh Reislord