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RENAULT T 1.20 Truck

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The RENAULT T 1.20 Truck is an independent truck available in quick jobs. It features separate spoilers from the cab and a realistic model. The truck now has a browser available in it along with wind deflectors, stickers, and a new interior for all taxis. It also includes a GPS Mio Spirit, new spoilers for all cars, and a remade superior cabin. You can find added slots for beacons on the roof and high horns on the left side of the cab. The truck is available in two variants: bumper made of plastic or painted. All indicators have been added to the dashboard and multiple small fixes and improvements have been made. The truck also has a new sound engine, new screen, better shadows, and a realistic model. Please do not reupload or edit without permission.

The BETA features of the RENAULT T 1.20 Truck include new spoilers for all cabins, separated fuel tank storage units on the chassis, added slots for beacons on the roof, high horns on the left side of the cab, and the option of a plastic or painted bumper. All indicators have been added to the dashboard and retarder/lifted axis indicators have been included. The truck also has new ambient occlusion on the top and for XL/XLX/XXL taxis, as well as all spoilers. HD problems with the dashboard have been resolved and chrome is now available in the truck. Various accessories are also included with the truck, ensuring a lag-free experience.

Toni Martinez, the macho, Batahola

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