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This add-on includes the first Romanian city, Oradea, and a road to Debrecen. To play this add-on, you will need the DLC Going East! and ETS2 version 1.7.1/1.7.0/ or any compatible version. Please note that this is not the final version, as the map will continue to be expanded until it covers all of Romania. If you have any suggestions or improvements, feel free to make them. The add-on has been tested and does not cause lag or crash. It does not require a new profile to play.

In version 1.8, the Oradea—>Debrecen GPS bug has been fixed and a new company has been added in Salonta.

In version 1.9, the texture of corn has been fixed, the truck dealer in Oradea has been fixed, a new city called Arad has been added with two companies (Posped and Eurogoodies), new signs have been added, and a road between Arad and Salonta has been included.

In version 2.2, a new city called Szeged has been added, along with companies, services, and garages in Szeged. A road and highway connecting to Szeged have also been included.

In version 2.4, a new road has been added in Oradea, a new company (Euroacres) has been added in Oradea, a new city called Lugoj has been added with a road between Lugoj and Timisoara, and the Posped company is now available in Lugo.

In version 2.5, a new city called Caransebeș has been added with new companies, new indicators have been added in Lugoj, and new scenery and roads have been included. Version 2.6 brings new scenery, roads, and a new city called Resita, along with the resolution of a bug in Caransebes.

Version 2.7 contains bug fixes in Szeged and Oradea, additional items in Oradea, Resita, and Caransebes, new roads between Resita-Caransebes and Resita-Lugoj, a new motorway from Szeged to Budapest, new models created by andu, and new signs. There have also been changes to the coils between Timisoara and Resita.

Version 2.8 includes bug fixes found in the game.log, territorial organization changes, a new town called Deva with new companies, a new radar, new banners for advertising, and roads between Arad-Deva and Deva-Lugoj.

Version 2.9 fixes the GPS bug, adds a new city in the south of Romania called Drobeta with a new road and new signs at the border with Hungary. There are still some bugs to be fixed, but they will be addressed in future updates.

In version 2.9.5, a new city called Craiova has been added, along with a large company, blocked roads, new roads, fixes for some bugs in Debrecen, and new Romanian models.

Version 3.0 features a reworked Debrecen-Oradea road, a new city called Slatina, and a new road, among other updates.