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RUS MAP V1.4.9

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RUS MAP V1.4.9 for ETS2

This version of the Rus Map includes a map of Russia with 22 cities and the Republic of Belarus with 9 cities.

New cities in Russia include Bryansk, Valdai, Great Luke, Veliky Novgorod, Velizh, Volokolamsk, Vishny Volochek, Vyazma, Kaluga, Wedge, Lugano, Moscow, Nevel, Obninsk, Porkhov, Pskov, Rzhev, Roslavl, St. Petersburg, Smolensk, Tver, and Yukhnov.

New towns in the Republic of Belarus include Brest, Vitebsk, Gomel, Mogilev, Mozyr, Mstislavl, Orsha, Pinsk, and Slavgorod.

New roads have also been added, including А101, А116, А141, А240, М3, М9, М10, М20, Р47, Р51, Р57, Р108, and Р132 in Russia, and М8, М10, Р15, Р43, Р96, and Р112 in Belarus.

Version 1.4.9, compatible with patch 1.18.x, includes the following changes:

– The map has been adapted to work with the DLC Scandinavia or without it.

– Missing materials have been added to objects.

– The problem with “pink” glasses has been fixed.

– Pedestrians now have animation and can walk.

– The “Magnet” shop has been added.

– The numbers from Gricko are now correctly displayed.

– Errors on the map have been corrected.

Gricko is the author of new models and their conversion for the current version.

Special thanks to Gricko for helping with the construction of the map, fixing errors, and adding new objects that enhance the game atmosphere.

The Rus Map is compatible with the following maps:

– Map of Europe from MsHeavyAlex v.1.6.1.

– Promods 1.8.1.

– Truck Sim Map 5.3.

Note: To ensure proper operation, the Rus Map should be placed below other mods in the mod list.

Trailer compatibility has not been tested with other mods.

RUSMAP V1.5 (1.18.X)