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Version 0.5 beta

New cities added and defined, roads repaired, new roads added.

Here is the current version of Sachsenland! I have added 3 new cities (Riesa, Meissen, Radebeu l) and Chemnitz is still under development and will not be finished until October! I apologize for the delay in the release, as I had to rebuild the map multiple times due to the editor crashing.

Unfortunately, I was not able to find any tutorials on how to insert the “Welcome to” signs, so they are not included in the map. I will add them once I have the proper knowledge and resources!

I have not tried to buy anything or visit Meissen and Riesa yet. I must confess that I copied parts of Riesa and Meissen from other parts of the map and included them here! Radebeul was built from scratch and Chemnitz is also a new addition. I would love to add the “Nischel” (Chemnitz monument), but I would need to use programs like Blender or Zmodeler to create it, which would take a long time. If anyone has already built or is willing to build the “Nischel” for me and other users, I promise to recreate Chemnitz in great detail: D And if someone is interested in building the football stadium or the current (under construction) Chemnitz football stadium, please let me know.

I guarantee that in the coming months, the map will be a hit. I plan to include most of Saxony, or at least the smaller, larger, and more important cities, as each has something unique to offer. SCS Software has given me a lot of space to build on their standard map. I welcome suggestions, help, and most importantly, enjoyment in building, as long as the editor doesn’t crash again xD

I’ll say it again in BIG RED LETTERS!!!

This is not the final version Sachsenland map!!! If you see floating objects or misaligned barriers along the roads, it’s because I am still working on them! They will be fixed and replaced with movable roads in the upcoming versions. I plan to have about 1000KM of roads, if not more. This will allow for smooth travel from the southern part of Saxony to the northern part, without the need for overly curvy highways. I also plan to add freight routes, for example from Dresden to Radebeul (a 2-minute drive) or from Radebeul to Chemnitz. I still ask for help, as this is a huge project and anyone who wants to contribute is more than welcome. I would greatly appreciate it if you could teach me a little bit about the editor, especially how to add new cities, as I have no idea how to do it.

Enough talking! It’s time to sit down at the keyboard and share your thoughts, wishes, and criticism regarding the map. Let’s keep the praise coming and the criticism constructive! I will try my best to reply to as many of you as possible.

And now, have fun with the Sachsen Map (a standard map extension for ETS2 – version 1.19)!