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The current version of Sachsenland, known as Sachsenland V2.0 BETA Map, includes three new cities – Riesa, Meissen, and Radebeul. The city of Chemnitz is still under development and is expected to be completed by October.

Apologies for the delay in releasing the map on Friday, 04/09/15, as I had to rebuild the map multiple times due to crashes in the editor. Unfortunately, there weren’t enough tutorials available on the internet to help me with inserting the “Welcome to” signs. I will include them when I have gained enough knowledge on how to do so.

I have not yet tested driving or purchasing in Meissen and Riesa, as I have copied the parts of these cities onto the map without placing them in their actual locations. On the other hand, Radebeul has been built from scratch and is complete. I would love to add the Chemnitzer monument, also known as the “Nischel”, but it requires building in software like Blender or Zmodeler, which would significantly extend the time needed to complete the map. If anyone has already built or is willing to build the “Nischel” and other locations for me and the rest of the community, I promise to recreate Chemnitz with great attention to detail. Additionally, if someone could recreate the current football stadium in Chemnitz, including its ongoing construction, that would be much appreciated.

Rest assured, the coming months will bring impressive updates to the map. My plan is to include most, if not all, of Saxony, focusing on the smaller, larger, and more important cities. SCS Software has provided ample space on their standard map for me to build on. I welcome suggestions, assistance, and enjoy the process of building, as long as the editor doesn’t crash again.

Just to emphasize, this is not the final construction for the major project Sachsenland. If you notice floating objects or barriers next to the road, it’s because I am still working on them at the construction site. These barriers will be replaced with mobile street objects in the upcoming versions. The map is planned to have approximately 1000KM of roads, if not more, allowing for a smooth and less curvy highway experience when traveling from the southern to the northern parts of Saxony. Additionally, freight routes will be implemented, such as a short drive from Dresden to Radebeul or from Radebeul to Chemnitz. I still request assistance with this massive construction project. Anyone willing to contribute is highly appreciated, even if you only have limited knowledge of the editor. Any help with adding cities, which I am unfamiliar with, would be great.

That’s enough talking! Let’s get into action. Please share your thoughts, suggestions, and constructive criticism on how the map is functioning and how you find it. Praise is always welcome, but I encourage criticism to be based on facts. I will try my best to respond to as many messages as possible.

Now, have fun exploring the Sachsen Map, an extension of the standardmap for ETS 2 – version 1.19!