ETS2 Trucks

SCANIA R400 + RONCO 1.19

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SCANIA R400 + RONCO 1.19 for ETS2

Hey guys, check out my latest version of the R400 124.

Before making any criticisms, please do your best to understand:

* This mod is standalone.

* It includes one cabin option (124f model).

* The chassis option is 6×2 Elongated.

* There are various customization options available:

– Grill (2 options)

– Scania emblem (6 options)

– Stickers (6 options)

– Deflector (2 options)

– Ass bumper (3 options)

– Flatbed (5 options)

– Fuel tank (5 options)

– Exhaust (1 option)

* The interior has been edited, but is based on the original game interior.

* The snoring sound has been converted from ALH (working perfectly in ETS2).

* This mod was converted from ALH.

* Please note that this is only version 1, so there may still be some bugs. Instead of criticizing, please report any bugs you encounter, and I will do my best to solve them. Keep in mind that I am not an official member of SCS, so I cannot guarantee a perfect mod.

Robert Lima
MAN TGX EURO6 V1.2 1.19.X