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SCANIA R730 V4 Truck

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The SCANIA R730 V4 Truck has undergone several improvements to provide a better gaming experience in Euro Truck Simulator 2. Here are some key features of the enhanced version:

1) – Specifically optimized for patch 1.18, ensuring smooth gameplay!
2) – Increased to 60 slots for additional tuning options!
3) – The modification is now available at 0-level and comes with all the tuning options already unlocked, which previously cost 12,000 euros in the game currency!
4) – Equipped with wheels for enhanced performance.
5) – Comes with 4 different chassis options, including Topline and Streamline models.
6) – Lift axles are included, providing better handling and maneuverability during gameplay.

Bogdan Kasalap, SCS
MAN TGA 1.18 Truck

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