ETS2 Maps


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TRUCKSIM MAP V4.5.1 is compatible with ETS2 version 1.8.xx or higher. If you have already installed the patch, you should have no issues continuing to play. Simply remove the old map and replace it with the four new parts. The map should work with or without DLC.

Before playing, make sure to edit your profile and activate the new mods. Failure to do so will result in landing on the standard map. Our mod has been split into four separate packages: TSM-Map_4_5_def&mat.scs, TSM-Map_4_5_map.scs, TSM-Map_4_5_model.scs, and TSM-Map_4_5_prefab&more.scs. These four parts will be displayed as “4.5.0” in the log.

Please note that compared to version 4.1.0/4.1.1/4.1.2a, there have been changes made to all mod parts. Therefore, all four parts must be replaced in the mod folder. Splitting the mod allows for easier replacement of fixed maps in the future.

– SCS Software for the basic map
– 50keda for the new companies Sellplan and Kaarfor
– FLD/TZ for the new prefabs and models (not for free use)
– kamaz for signs
– Reislord for signs
– valera_t for various map models
– satan1990 for the excellent map models
– Königszapfen for the pictures
– 2X2 for the new car license plates

We would also like to mention Carinthian, who made the modifications in Frankfurt, Tripolis, Aalborg, and Munich. If we have forgotten anyone, please forgive us. We will include them in the next version.

We wish all users a safe and enjoyable journey.

Best regards and happy holidays from the TSM team!

SCS Software für die GrundMap mit allem Drum und Dran. 50keda für die neuen Firmen Sellplan und Kaarfor. FLD/TZ für die neuen Prefabs und Modelle (darf nicht zur freien Verwendung genutzt werden!) kamaz für Schilder Reislord für Schilder valera_t für verschiedene Mapmodelle satan1990 für die hervorragenden Mapmodelle Königszapfen für die Bilder 2X2 für die neuen Autokennzeichen