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The UK Improvement Mod is a modification that enhances the visual aspects of the Euro Truck Simulator 2 game in the UK. With this mod, players will experience improved textures for signs and speed cameras in the UK.

One noticeable change is the 30mph speed limit sign, which now features the correct font. It is worth mentioning that this change may also affect any 30kmph sign from Poland, but unfortunately, this is beyond the control of the mod creator.

Additionally, the mod includes a new design for the 60mph sign, which now displays the “National speed limit” sign. This change adds more authenticity to the driving experience on UK roads.

The speed camera has also undergone a transformation. It now features a yellow/orange color on the back, just like its real-life counterpart. This change adds a touch of realism to the game.

The road works signs have been completely reworked as well. They now have a yellow color and display the correct font for the respective speed limits. Moreover, these signs now include the text “Road Works,” providing better clarity for players. Lastly, the “end of road works” sign features the Road Works sign and the word “End,” indicating the conclusion of road works.

Overall, the UK Improvement Mod is a must-have for players residing in the UK or anyone seeking a more realistic gameplay experience in Euro Truck Simulator 2. Give it a try and enjoy the enhanced visuals!

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