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URAL-43020 V5 Truck

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The Soviet truck Ural-43202 has been adapted for the transport of oversize loads and “heavy” maps. The model of the truck remains the same, only the specifications have been changed.

List of changes in version 1.16:

  1. The engine and gearbox parameters have been adjusted to make them more realistic.
  2. New engine and gearbox options have been added, including the Deutz engine and ZF Tronic gearbox.
  3. Three additional chassis have been added for carrying loads weighing more than 50 tons and for use on “heavy” maps. The only difference is the weight of the truck. This is because the game engine does not fully consider the load transmitted by the semitrailer, resulting in the front axle lifting off the ground when the semitrailer’s mass exceeds 50 tons.
  4. Multiple transmissions with different gear ratios have been created in order to easily carry heavy cargo with a less powerful engine.
  5. The names of engines, gearboxes, chassis, and accessories have been translated into Russian and English.
  6. The truck has been added to the company and “Info” section.
  7. A Deutz engine sound has been added, borrowed from the Kenworth T800. Thanks to the author.
  8. Icons for engines and transmissions have been included.
  9. One cab and two chassis options have been disabled due to their impracticality. They can still be enabled if desired.

List of changes in version 1.17:

  1. The chassis has been rebalanced.
  2. The fuel tank volume has been increased (an additional add-on of 1,800 liters is available if needed).
  3. The engine from the KamAZ has been removed.
  4. Bundeswehr and Ukrainian army decals have been added.
  5. The URAL-43020 V5 Truck can be found at the Renault dealer center. It has been tested on version 1.17.1s and on TSM 6. If there are any issues with the model, please contact the author directly. I have only adapted the truck for use with the specified maps.

    Pathfinder, Ekualizer Parameters engine, gearbox, chassis, as well as adaptation to "heavy" maps: Tornado