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VOLVO FH12 460 Truck

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The VOLVO FH12 460 Truck is a powerful and versatile vehicle for various transportation needs. It comes with two spacious cabins, providing comfort and flexibility for drivers. The interior is well-designed, ensuring a pleasant driving experience. The truck is equipped with advanced AO textures, enhancing the overall visual appeal.

One remarkable feature of the VOLVO FH12 460 Truck is its own set of wheels, which are specifically designed for optimal performance. This ensures a smooth and efficient ride, even when carrying heavy loads. Additionally, the truck offers various tuning options, allowing drivers to customize it according to their preferences.

Practicality is another highlight of this truck. The wipers are fully functional both in the exterior and interior, providing clear visibility in all weather conditions. The lightmask feature ensures proper illumination, making night driving safer and more convenient.

This truck is standalone, meaning it can be purchased at the dedicated VOLVO dealer. It has undergone rigorous testing and is compatible with ETS 2 version 1.18, ensuring its reliability and compatibility with the game.

Overall, the VOLVO FH12 460 Truck is a top-notch choice for any virtual truck driver. Its combination of comfort, performance, and customizable features make it a valuable asset on the road.

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