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AwiBMoDEuropa v 1.0 (Mod map Europa)

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AwiBMoDEuropa v 1.0 (Europa Map Mod)

Finally, I have completed the first version of AwiBMoDEuropa v 1.0, and I hope you like it!


This mod has made modifications to almost 50 cities. Each company has changes in their cargo areas, including obstacles and specific paths to follow. In addition, accidents have been added in construction zones in some cities, along with tree-cutting, fallen trees, stone landslides that hinder passage (streets with physical properties), unexpected animal crossings, etc..
Other features of this mod include:
– On some level crossings, the freight trains have been replaced by passenger trains
– Natural stone brokers can be found on some roads
– 3 alternative paths: Hannover – Kassel, Verona – Milan, Bratislava – Salzburg
– 4 flooded areas between Praha and Brno
– An airplane crash on the highway north near Groningen
– Ferry traffic to board
As you can see, there are many more things in this mod, but I won’t mention them all here!
IMPORTANT CLARIFICATIONS: This mod has been tested only in version 1.3.1.
The alternative paths require a powerful truck.
In some of the difficult company courts, you may have to make reverse maneuvers. If you fail at first, it does not necessarily mean there is an error in the map. Please try it as a skilled driver before reporting a bug or error.
Due to the nature of this mod, other mods such as special cargo or long load mods are not supported.
This map will continue to be updated, and future versions may include Spain among other additions.
The “In Progress” section will have the latest news.
Finally, I would like to thank Christian Seuba and ETS2MOD for their help with the editor and other details, as well as all my colleagues who contributed with great ideas and suggestions!
Best regards and enjoy!

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