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New Harder Dover – Hannover – Calais Map v 1.1

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This mod was specifically designed to make the game more challenging and enjoyable by introducing barriers at the exit of the train station. Below are the details and download link for this mod.
▷What’s New in Version 1.1:

• This update includes various fixes and new challenges for an enhanced gaming experience.

• The mod has not been tested with other mods, and there is no need to create a new save file to play with it.

• We always strive to improve, so please send us feedback to help us add more challenges to Euro Truck Simulator 2. Below is a list of fixes and additions made to the mod.

• Fixed issues with work (loads fading)
• Added new challenges in Hannover
• Added an additional post in Hannover
• Fixed a bug with broken trailers in the Euro Tunnel
• Introduced small additional challenges such as poles on roads and steep climbs
• Updated challenge in the Euro Tunnel in Calais and Dover

Tested Version: 1.3.1


Author: Felipe Oliveira
Pictures: KacaK
Video: KacaK

AwiBMoDEuropa v 1.0 (Mod map Europa)