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In this version of the Brazil map for ETS2, several changes have been made to enhance the gaming experience:

– A new road has been created to link Rio de Janeiro to Teresopolis.

– The Serra de Petrópolis has been added.

– The entire BR-381 between São Paulo and Belo Horizonte has been reshaped and is now fully duplicated.

– The entire Via Dutra (Rio – São Paulo) has been reshaped and is now fully duplicated with direct access.

– The Rio-Bahia road (from Rio to Feira de Santana) has been remodeled and is now fully in a single lane.

– The trunking of Queenship of BR-262 with the Rio-Bahia has been created to resemble the real trunking.

– The entire BR-040 between Rio and Belo Horizonte has been reshaped and is now a dual carriageway without center partition and no shoulder in the outside judge stretch of BH.

– Additional dirt roads have been added in the Amazon region.

– The map now includes 80 more cities, bringing the total to 80 cities. The plan is to make these cities functional in the future.

– The two missing Brazilian capitals, Boa Vista and Macapá, have been added.

– A road has been built between Manaus and Boa Vista via Caracaraí.

– A road and a bridge on the Amazon River linking Bethlehem to Macapá have been constructed.

– Fixed models of buses and some fuel stations have been added to the main road.

– The accesses to the cities of Belo Horizonte, Tres Hearts, and São Paulo have been refurbished to increase the distance and realism.

– The Sierra de Igarapé has been created.

– The Serra da Cantareira has been built.

– The BR-153 highway (Belém-Brasilia) linking Brasilia to Palmas has been added with various ups and downs to mimic real life.

– Several informational signs have been placed on the roads.

– Traffic now includes Brazilian vehicles, such as buses, Kombi, Goal, Uno, Palio, Fox, Charger, Opal, Beetle, and many others.

– The ring road of Belo Horizonte has been created.

– The cycle of day and night has been adjusted to match the reality in Brazil, with darkness setting in at 18:00 and dawn starting at 05:00.

– The currency in the game has been changed to the Brazilian real with updated conversion values.

– Bus stops have been added in Royalty-MG and two on the BR-381 between BH and São Paulo.

– The stretch between Belo Horizonte and Governador Valadares has been edited to reflect the real distance.

Fabiano Teixeira