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The Italy Addon V1.2.1 is a mod for Euro Truck Simulator 2 that was released in 2014. It was developed by M95 and kyto and is compatible with version 1.10.1,, and of the game. The mod adds 4 new cities and some new roads in Italy. For more information on how to install the mod and its features, please refer to the manual. If you encounter any bugs, you can report them on the official forum. Please note that reposting the mod without permission is not allowed, but promoting the mod with a link to the official site or the SCS forum page is allowed. Uploading the mod on another website is considered illegal and is punishable for both the uploader and the downloader.

What’s in this pack

This mod pack includes four new cities: Parma, Modena (including a small regional road network), Genova, and Vicenza. It also adds six new roads: A22 Verona-Modena (autostrada del Brenner), A1 Milano-Modena (Autostrada del Sole), A4-Verona-Vicenza, Toll-free road Verona-Vicenza, A7 Milano-Genova (Autostrada dei Giovi / Serravalle), and A12 Genova-La Spezia (not in the map yet) (Autostrada Azzurra). Some modifications have been made in the pack, including custom junctions and roadworks at the building spanning the road in Modena.


This mod is compatible with the Promods pack and rice project 1.3, but not with TSM. If you encounter any issues when using the mod with Promods, please report them. To play this mod in combination with the rice project map, there are a few additional steps to follow. You will need to have the normal mod file and the sign file (not Promods). Add as many “z” characters in front of the filename as necessary to give the Italymod “priority” in the mod folder. For example, change “zzzitaly.scs” to “zzzzzzitaly.scs” to prioritize it over “zzzzzreislord.scs”. Note that there may be a bug in the route between the south and the north of Italy, but it should not cause crashes. However, some jobs may become too long. Please note that you cannot run the mod with both Promods and rice project maps at the same time.

Important Information for 1.9 Update

The mod has been updated to the 1.9 settings, but some traffic may disappear in certain prefabs. Versions lower than 1.9 are no longer supported, so please upgrade your ETS2 to version 1.9.x.

How to Download

Please only use the original download link provided on the official forum. This is the only link that will provide support for the mod. The mod files should be copied into the “My Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod” folder for installation.

M95, kyto