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This mod has been updated to ensure full compatibility with version 1.19 of Euro Truck Simulator 2.

Game fixes (EssentialsGameFixes.scs):

– Essential fixes for the game.

– All trailer types are now included in traffic.

– All variations of trailer looks are now included in the traffic trailers.

– Traffic vehicles that are not specific to a country will still appear occasionally.

– The maximum speeds of various AI vehicles have been adjusted to be more realistic.

– The engine torque of various AI trucks has been adjusted to be more realistic.

Dealer fixes:

– Various fixes have been made to the definition files of the trucks offered by the dealer.

– The stock exhaust pipe price of the Iveco Stralis Hi-Way has been adjusted to match the Iveco Stralis.

– The bubbles paintjob price of the Scania Streamline has been adjusted to match the other trucks.

– Customisation parts are now limited to the correct configuration (V8 sideskirts/interior, Volvo roof decals will only be available with the correct engine/cab combination).

Truck fixes:

– Various fixes have been made to the definition files of the first and quick job trucks.

– The cabin names of the Iveco Stralis and the Renault Magnum have been corrected.

– The gearbox names for the Iveco Stralis, MAN TGX, and Renault trucks have been corrected.

– The Mercedes-Benz Actros engine names have been corrected (no longer using the 18xx chassis format).

– The MAN LHD dashboard “30” and “50” KPH readings no longer disappear at night.

– The “400” badge texture of the MAN has been fixed.

– The DAF XF stock left exhaust no longer conflicts with the right exhaust.

– The 4×2 Iveco Stralis Hi-Way sideskirt can now be removed.

– The Iveco Stralis Hi-Way naming problem has been fixed. It no longer shows up as the Iveco Hi-Way Hi-Way at the driver manager.

– The DC16 V8 engines are now offered for the Scania Streamline normal cab.

– The DAF XF Euro 6 sunshield can now be removed.

– The type of headlamps (halogen or xenon) is now dependent on the cab type, not whether a truck with halogen or xenon headlamps has been purchased from the truck dealer.

– Realistic reverse gear ratios have been implemented for the ZF AS Tronic (DAF, Iveco, MAN), Mercedes, and Renault/Volvo gearboxes.

Real logos (EssentialsRealLogos.scs):

– Adds real logos to various AI vehicles.

– Changes Trailmaster, Elemental, and Runner tires to Bridgestone, Continental, and Goodyear tires, respectively.

– Changes Crown trailer liveries to Krone.

– Changes Schmied BigCargo trailer logos to Schmitz Cargobull.

– Changes Scout Cars to Škoda Auto.

– Real gas stations.

– Real logos for heavy duty equipment.

– Changes trailer names of Digger 500 and Digger 1000 to Digger 422E and Digger 938G, respectively.

Real logos for High Power Cargo Pack DLC (EssentialsRealLogosHPCPDLC.scs) – Only add this if you have the DLC pack installed:

– Real logos for the Atlas Copco FlexiROC T45 Driller, Atlas Copco Dynapac CC 2200 road roller, and the CAT Challenger MT865C tractor.

– Changes trailer names of Driller D-50 and Tractor RS-666 to Driller T45 and Tractor MT865C, respectively.

Cargoes mod (EssentialsTrailerCargoes.scs):

– Adds unused cargoes for transport.

– Bricks and Concrete cargoes are now available for transport.

ND4SPD Racer, lonestranger, Dragon.911, Yusuf Bolukbas, LT-Schalll
VOLVO FH 2013 [OHAHA] V18.7S Truck