ETS2 Sounds


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Bennekeben has released version 1.5 of his Scania V8 Sound Mod for Euro Truck Simulator 2. This mod features new sound samples created by Bennekeben, which can be used for personal changes and other purposes with credits given to the author. The mod has been tested on version 1.19 of ETS2.

To use this mod, it is recommended to add it with a higher priority than other sound mods and stand alone truck mods in the ETS2/mod folder. The version 1.5 update includes new interior exhaust sound samples, changed pitches, increased/decreased samples, and changes to the idle sound. Engine torques and power have also been fixed and changed to match the original hp engines, and badges have been added to the grills for popular hp rates in the V8 engine class. A new shop icon and fixed price list have also been included in this update. Additionally, the mod still includes all sound updates from version 1.0 to 1.5, providing users with five different sounds to choose from.

In terms of compatibility, this mod works with a variety of stock and stand alone truck mods. The Scania RJL scania modification, Scania S Tandem by HobbyTrucker, Scania 124l V4.0 by Satan1990, Scania rcab High 50keda, Scania 143 by Ekualizer, Scania Streamline V3.0 by Bogdan Kasalap, scaniar & streamline by scs, and scania T and R by RJL are all compatible with this mod. However, please note that you will need to purchase a SNEEPELS engine in order to get the sound.

This mod adds more realism to the exhaust sound, engine brake, shift sound, rev sound, and blinker sound. It also includes new engines, sound samples, and reworked engine off/on sounds. With over 20 sound samples, more brake sounds, and fixes to ticks in samples, this mod provides an enhanced audio experience. Additionally, two old sound samples from CommadoreOne and stock SCS sound samples have been used in the creation of this mod.

The mod offers a selection of V8 engines with different hp rates, including 420hp, 500hp, 530hp, 560hp, 580hp, 620hp, 730hp, and 1000hp. Please note that these engines may not be selectable on all trucks, as each truck has a limit of 5 engines that can be equipped with the sneepels sound.

Extra credits go to CommadoreOne for providing 2 sound samples for this mod.

Bennekeben, CommadoreOne