ETS2 Trucks


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Improved Company Trucks V1.2 Mod

Here is a complete list of the changes in this mod:

  • Now there are more than 500 variants of quick job trucks to choose from, compared to the default game’s 49 and Quick jobs tuned truck mod’s 58.
  • Each quick job truck now has around 35 unique combinations.
  • Both right-hand and left-hand drive variants of trucks are now available.
  • Every quick job truck has its own technical condition, so you may receive a slightly used truck or one that is not in great shape.
  • All variants of chassis, cabins, and interiors are used in quick job trucks. Additionally, almost all engine types are represented, not just high-powered ones.
  • Starting from version 1.2, all quick job trucks use real transmissions data from Snoman’s Gearbox/Differential mod (mod not included).
  • The trucks also differ in terms of accessories installed, such as grills, wheels, lights, mirrors, door handles, sideskirts, and doorsteps. However, you will not see trucks with an excessive amount of lamps.
  • Correct badges are displayed based on the engine/chassis type.
  • The truck paint system has been reworked to include metallic paints and various paintjobs. Some trucks even use paintjobs from real logistic companies.
  • Approximately 110 new color variants for quick job trucks and AI cars have been added, using the RAL color table.
  • All trucks now have working interior lights.
  • Trucks without integrated GPS in their interiors will have TomTom navigators installed.
  • The user interface has been hardcored, with virtual mirrors removed and the advisor’s functions limited. The map, time, ETA, speed, gear, damage, and fuel level are no longer displayed, but you can still view delivery details, read mail, and call for a service.
  • Icons of service stations, gas stations, recruit agencies, rest places, and undiscovered places have been removed from the map to increase realism.
  • You will not know what chassis a truck has until you actually take a job as the camera only shows the front of the truck.

A few words about compatibility: The mod has been tested on versions 1.20.1 and 1.21 beta and works without any issues. It should also work on previous versions. You can use it with map mods, but make sure to give this mod higher priority. Truck mods will also work, but prioritize them above this mod.

Known bugs:

  • An obsolete flare data definition error may appear in the console. This is related to the interior lights mod.
  • A redundant front/rear wheel removed error may occur. The front and rear wheel definition files have been double-checked.
  • An incorrect front/rear wheel definition error may appear. The same double-checking process has been done here as well.

These errors will not affect gameplay and will not cause the game to crash.