ETS2 Trucks


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The IVECO STRALIS 8X4 1.19.X ETS2 is a truck specifically designed for transporting heavy loads. This mod has been adapted to work with patch 1.19 of Euro Truck Simulator 2. The base mod, “iveco BearTec 8×4 long range V1,” was created by the author two years ago and I would like to express my gratitude to them.

Here is a list of the changes that have been made to this mod:

  • The truck can now be found in the dialer center and at the company.
  • There is tuning available for the engine and gearbox, specifically the ZF Tronic 16S 2330 TD.
  • The truck now has branded headlights from “Iveco.”
  • The gear ratio of the drive axles, the weight of the truck, and the volume of the fuel tank have been adjusted to realistic values.
  • The mod also includes add-ons for trailers from Jazzycat, such as Cargo Packs v3.41, Military Cargo Pack v.1.61, and Railway Cargo Pack v1.61. These add-ons increase the weight of over 100 different cargoes.

It is important to note that this truck mod has a few known issues that have been present for more than two years:

  1. The hood of the truck has the incorrect spelling of “Ivedo” instead of “Iveco,” although this does not affect gameplay.
  2. The mod changes the appearance of all the chassis for the Iveco Stralis, including the size and number of tanks, which may not be visually pleasing.
  3. There is a mix-up in the order of the axles, but this does not affect gameplay.

Unfortunately, I am not skilled in 3D modeling and cannot fix these errors myself. Therefore, I kindly ask for assistance from those who are capable of fixing these issues. I would be extremely grateful for any help in resolving these problems.

This mod has been tested on version 1.19 of Euro Truck Simulator 2. The mod writer did not mention any restrictions or copyright concerns regarding modifications or publications of modified versions, especially since the only changes made were to the specifications and not the overall design of the truck.