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Map EUROPE 1.0.1 BETA by Mr Heavy Alex

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Introducing the Map EUROPE 1.0.1 BETA by Mr Heavy Alex

In this mod, you will find several exciting new features:

  • A visually enhanced road from Poznan to Wroclaw in Poland
  • Improvements to various roads in and around Poznan
  • A new fuel station near Poznan
  • Enhancements to the highway from Poznan to Berlin
  • A big fuel station along the highway from Poznan to Berlin
  • An updated toll border between Germany and Poland
  • A new cross on the highway near Poznan
  • A new service area between Poznan and Wroclaw near the gas station

To install the mod, simply place the EUROPE1.0.1 BETA mod and the ECONOMY.SCS file in the Documents folder of your Euro Truck Simulator 2 game. If the mod doesn’t work, try starting a new game for a solution.

This new map is compatible with my old games (profiles) on the latest SCS update!

In the folder, you will also find a map of Poland. The picture showcases the new roads, with orange color representing normal roads, blue color representing highways, and green circles indicating the locations of all the fuel stations along these new roads.

Within the document extract, you will find the map, a picture of Poland, a readme document, and the ECONOMY.scs file. The ECONOMY.scs file provides regular fuel prices for European countries and fixes for your drivers to find more jobs in a short amount of time, as usual.

Created by MrHeavyAlex

Map expanded