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The Maps in ETS and GTS used to feature names like Mario, Merlinita, or Harry Piel. However, with the release of ETS2, these names, along with others, have formed a team and are now working together to create a new map for ETS2.

This new map includes 20 additional cities located in Hungary, Austria, northern Italy, and North Africa. The main focus of this expansion is to include new countries and cities, with the ultimate goal of encompassing all European countries.

To install this map, you need to download the file ‘TSM_map_1.5.7z’ and copy it to the modfolder. Then, you can unzip the file using a compression utility like WinZip, WinRar, or 7z.

It is important to note that since this map/mod includes new cities and companies, you will need to create a new profile in the game. This is required!

Just be aware that this MapMod does not include any new trucks or trailers.

Credits go to the Trukism Community.

TruckSim Map V 2.2 Vom TSM Team
Map EUROPE 1.0.1 BETA by Mr Heavy Alex