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Hello everyone,

Today, I want to share with you my version of the SACHSENLAND V0.1 map, which is a modified version of the standard map. I have been gradually adding new updates with the aim of expanding the map to cover the majority of Saxony. The map was created based on inspiration and personal preference.

I would appreciate it if some of you would join me in the map editor, as I am not very familiar with it and could use some assistance in many aspects.

The objective of this map is to provide additional semi-axes in addition to the standard map. This means there will be spaces in between. I also plan to include individual villages with companies (farms) and a variety of small towns.
Please find below a detailed list of what has already been done and what will be worked on in future versions.
I am open to both praise and criticism, as well as any suggestions regarding the map.


The city of Leipzig has been enlarged (BETA) and is still under development. Halle / Saale will also be somehow connected to it!

The highway (BETA) behind Dresden has been connected to Leipzig, but it is still being developed. There are still plans to add Meissen, Riesa, and Radebeul.


In the upcoming versions, I plan to include the sports city Riesa, Meissen, and the neighboring town with hopes of adding a tram and trolley that runs from Dresden to Radebeul. Smaller cities and towns (such as the route from Dresden to Leipzig) will be added in the final versions, including other capital cities like Paris, Berlin, London, etc. Additionally, I will attempt to include several Truck Dealers to make it more realistic. They will not necessarily be located next to each other, so that players starting a new game don’t have to search for them.

Please note that the current map has only been edited and tested in the editor [Run Map], but not in the actual game as a save file. The map was created on ETS2 V 1.5.2.
Please do not immediately give negative feedback if something doesn’t fit or if it doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing. This is still a beta version that is under development (Sorry, I am the sole creator and have limited knowledge of map editing). I hope you understand that. If anyone is interested and has the time to help with the project, I would be very grateful. Preferably, someone with knowledge of map editing and experience in the field. I am having difficulty placing signs on the highway and in certain areas, as I am not very familiar with the editor. If there are any individuals familiar with 3D modeling, it would be great if they could contribute by creating a building or two.


Readme – Readme
Sachsenland Map

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