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Sachsen and its features:
Now you can see the map on ETS2 v1.19. Please feel free to ask if you have any questions or suggestions. I appreciate both positive feedback and constructive criticism.
It is important to note the following:
This is my first map on ETS2 and I kindly request initial respect from users, as I have had to deal with the editor. There may be 1 or 2 trees standing at the sides of the road, and a few signs may also be close to the road. The digital Leipzig residents have been given floating houses xD. I hope this issue will be resolved in the near future, as the next change will involve the planning and possible construction of a small town (implementation is uncertain).

The changes:
Leipzig has undergone some slight changes. The highway to Dresden is now better connected to Leipzig. Leipzig West has become a kind of housing estate (not expanded or finished). Leipzig Ost is reasonably close to downtown and connections to the highway to Dresden are being considered. When looking down on Leipzig, Leipzig Ost is at the top, Leipzig West is in the middle, Leipzig North leads towards Dresden, and Leipzig South leads towards Erfurt, etc.

In brief:
The next town to be added is up to you to decide! You can choose between Meissen, Radebeul, and Riesa, as they are the closest towns between Dresden and Leipzig. For example, Riesa contains a tire factory, warehouse, noodle stall, soap factory, and Stahlriesa. (It’s fun to drive behind a truck carrying these products!) On the other hand, Meissen and Radebeul are beautiful cities where I have lived. Meissen has a little train and Radebeul has a tram that nicely splits the city in the middle of the Elbe, with hills on the left and right. These 3 cities are available and it’s up to you to vote for which city will be added in the next update! Please leave your vote in the comments: X for Riesa, Y for Meissen, or Z for Radebeul.

If anyone wants to contribute to the map, please contact me via email (listed in the readme file) to discuss further details. We can also arrange to communicate via Skype or any other preferred method if you want to work together. I only ask for one thing in return for any collaboration: if the map is shared, please include my name (uncle-golf) as the creator. Otherwise, the map may be uploaded without proper attribution. I also plan to write more details in the readme file (this will be helpful for people who want to work with the map).
So, I will continue working on the map. It’s currently 2:45, and my break is over. For those who are loading the map, I hope you have a lot of fun!

Haha, it would have been nice if it had come sooner, right? 😀
So, the map is now compatible with ETS2 v1.19. Leipzig has been nicely changed, although not fully refined yet. A road to Dresden has been added, as well as floating houses (to be resolved). There is also a small vote to decide which city will be added first in v1.1 (vote X for Riesa, Y for Meissen, or Z for Radebeul). Praise and criticism are welcome. Mappers and construction enthusiasts are also welcomed to contribute to the development of the map.
Now, you may be wondering why the short version is not the same as this one.
Well, I enjoy sharing detailed and descriptive information, even though I understand that not everyone reads everything. And when I write just a short 3-liner, it doesn’t quite have the same impact.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy my little new development.

onkel-golf (bis jetzt)