ETS2 Skins


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Introducing the ETS 2 SCANIA T CAB SLENDER V1.0 for Euro Truck Simulator 2. I have created a new skin to add some excitement to your gaming experience.

Recently, I have been fascinated with creepypastas and I stumbled upon a character called THE SLENDERMAN. For those unfamiliar with the Slenderman, let me provide a brief description.

Originating from the Something Awful Forum in 2009, the Slenderman is a fictional character with peculiar features. He is known for being extremely tall and thin, lacking a visible face, and possessing remarkably long arms. Typically, he wears a black suit with a red tie, although occasionally he may wear a black tie. It is rumored that the Slenderman has six tentacles that he can extend to attack his victims.

But what does the Slenderman do exactly? He selects his victims and mentally torments them for years, driving them to madness. He has the ability to read their minds and eventually either turns them into his proxies or brutally kills them. Alternatively, he may simply approach his chosen victim and forcibly take them away. In addition to his teleportation skills, the Slenderman has the ability to disrupt electronic devices, causing visual and audio disturbances in cameras, mobile phones, and similar devices.

Now, let’s move on from the storytelling!

In order to add my skin to the game, you will need:
– Euro Truck Simulator 2
– A Scania T-Cab truck

To install the skin, place the SCS file into your MODs folder and activate it within the game. The skin can be accessed in the paintjob menu and is named “Slender”. Enjoy the new skin and happy trucking! And now, let’s go to sleep! Oops, my apologies, wrong story ^~^

VOLVO FH 2013 18.9 Truck