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VOLVO FH 2013 18.9 Truck

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The VOLVO FH 2013 18.9 Truck has several new features. It comes with new chassis variants, such as 4x2B, 6x2C, 8x4A, and 8x4B. There are also options for a 6×2 with lifted axle, 6×2 tandem, and 6×4 M – fifth wheel moved a bit back. All of these variants can support side skirts and exhausts.

The default truck does not come with rear wheel arches, but now they are available as optional accessories in plastic or painted versions. The cabin has been reworked to accept a glass panel on the side, and the frames, suspensions, and headlights have also been reworked and improved.

There are new types of projectors available on the forehead, as well as LKW-Schilds (L, G, V, TIR signs) on the upper engine grid. Additional accessories, such as stripes, decals, and custom lights, can be added to various parts of the truck. There are also options for stone guards, custom paint-jobs, vertical exhaust pipes, rear fenders/mudflaps, custom rear bumpers, and more.

In addition to these features, there are also known issues with the truck. Choosing the glass panel on the sides of the cab and windshield decals does not change the interior. Some of the accessories may have visible collisions with other parts, so it is important for the user to choose the correct combination. When enabling a new version of the mod, it is recommended to visit the Truck Shop and switch to the 4×2 chassis, remove all custom accessories, and then reinstall them. It is also important to note that using the tandem trailers additional mod will add them to your economy, so be careful when taking Quick Jobs to avoid attaching them to an incompatible chassis truck.

truck SCS Software tweaks, additions and rebuilt parts ohaha tandem variant based on Flemming V's mods. DLC skins pack update by Kilonum