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VOLVO F10 8X4 PBA V3.16.4F TRuck

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The VOLVO F10 8X4 PBA V3.16.4F Truck is now available for all Volvo fans. This truck is perfect for heavy transportation with its 8×4 configuration and powerful 1000 hp V10 3.7l FSI turbocharged engine. It can pull a trailer weight of around 180 tons. The V10 turbo engine produces a mesmerizing sound that captivates everyone. Unlike modern trucks, this old Volvo F10 is for those who appreciate the charm of classic vehicles with a lot of power under the hood.

This version of the Volvo F10 is available for download on Modhoster in various configurations. I personally have been using this mod for a long time and thought it would be great to share it with others who might also enjoy it. I want to extend a special thanks to the creators of this truck, Uhrmoder (Stass556) and Moder (Chris), for their outstanding work. I have made some adjustments to the mod, such as the motor, chassis, and fuel capacity, to enhance the overall experience. Additionally, I want to acknowledge Skinner The Lommerts for creating the beautiful skin for this truck.

I hope you have a lot of fun with this exceptional mod, even though it may not be the most realistic. Please note that a new version of the 1.14.1 patch is already in operation and will be available soon. Best regards, Gandorin.

ETS 2 Moder Stass556 , Moder Chris, und Skinner Gandorin Skinner Lommerts