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VOLVO FH 2013 [OHAHA] V17.0S

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The VOLVO FH 2013 [OHAHA] V17.0S mod features several new additions and improvements to the truck:

  • New chassis variants, including 8x4A and 8x4B
  • 6×2 with lifted axle (mid and rear)
  • 6×2 Tandem, compatible with Flemming V’s tandem trailers
  • All chassis versions (except tandem) support the addition of side skirts and exhausts
  • The default truck comes without rear wheel arches, which are now optional accessories in plastic or painted versions
  • The cabin has been reworked to accept a glass panel on the side
  • The frames and suspensions have been reworked
  • The headlights have been reworked, with improved reflection of projectors
  • Black background added for FH16
  • Reworked taillights with LED’s for parking light
  • Options to customize the engine lower and upper grids in plastic, paint, and mirror-chrome finish
  • Painted wipers’ base
  • Painted panel above the windshield
  • New type of projectors available on the forehead
  • LKW-Schilds (L, G, V, TIR signs) added on the upper engine grid
  • Accessory group added to the lower engine grid for adding small lights, including turn signals
  • Custom decal added on the forehead (can be edited by modifying
  • Accessory group added to the back of Globetrotter cabins, including safety signs, speed limits, and options for spoilers, aerodynamic hoods, and painted variants of air intake duct
  • Accessory group added to the rim of the Globetrotter XL cabin for adding custom lights
  • Accessory group added to the back of Globetrotter cabins for three types of custom lights (park, brake, reverse)
  • Custom mirrors with markers for adding small lights, including turn signals
  • Two new roof bars added for Sleeper cabin and Globetrotter XL
  • Several custom paint-jobs
  • Ability to switch front engine grids in the truck shop
  • SCS chrome finish option added
  • Several custom vertical exhaust pipes
  • Rear fenders/mudflaps available as accessories in the truck shop
  • Ability to add custom rear bumpers
  • Bonus: Separate mod with Paint-job DLC’s skins available
  • Painted and chromed headlight “brows”
  • High-bar roof grills for Globetrotter cabins
  • Auxiliary fuel tanks available as an option for 8×4 chassis (only visual)
  • New accessories, including side windows, wind deflectors, painted stock sun-shield, painted side and front mirrors
  • Front and rear mud flaps in three colors
  • Two additional engines based on real Volvo range – D16K550 (2800Nm) and D16K650 (3150Nm)
  • Hazardous materials transport signs for front upper engine grid
  • Crane covers and crane accessory (Palfinger inspired) for 8x4a chassis

Known issues with the mod include:

  • Choosing the glass panel on the sides of the cab does not change the interior
  • Some accessories might produce a visible collision with other parts. Users should choose the correct combination

Truck SCS Software
Tweaks, additions, and rebuilt parts by ohaha