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Welcome to Euro-Agric. We hope you enjoy our map.
Please do not leave or send any error reports in the comments. Instead, use

The following mods need to be downloaded for the map to function:
AnimationMapTrigger by vertexdezign

AAA_UniversalProcessKit by mor2000
The easiest way to transport mixed feed is with the MultiFruit mod by upsidedown
A livestock transporter for pigs, cattle, and chickens

“Big Car Wash” facility

General information:
On laptops, the map may not load due to weaker hardware.

Changes in v0.99.8.2:
Added sheep farming
Added new straw and bale sales point at the circus
Installed directional signs
Added BGA from manuuuu
Adjusted PDA-Map
Added music in the office (Victory Will Defeat You (Tyranny is Tyranny) / CC BY-SA 4.0)
Added Euro-Agric vehicles

Changes in v0.99.7:
Fixed issues with the water pump on the farm.
(It is now correctly filled even when fast time advance is active. Flow rate: 900l/h)
Corrected naming of the furniture factory sales point
Adjustments for MultiOverlayHUD (e.g. labeling the sawmill in the HUD…)
Updated existing livestock farming facilities to V5.0
Added chicken farming
Added livestock market
Replaced silos on the farm
(Due to the silo replacement, they should be emptied before updating the map.)

“Shrunk” the milk factory to make room for placeable mods.
Replaced the “purchase icons” for fields with wooden signs (Original by Fendtfan).

“StopMilkSale” and “MilkTruckTrigger” mods are not needed. Milk is no longer automatically sold. Triggers for loading milk and selling it are built-in.
Traffic lights (requires in the mod folder – traffic lights do not work in multiplayer) Many thanks to BlueBaby210 for allowing the use of the script.
“A space has been prepared behind the VIS gas station to place the large placeable car wash facility “Big Wash”.
Installed water mod
(Mostly) passable traffic signs

o Sheep pasture near the farm with Woolpalletecollector
o Cow barn on the farm
o Storage with conveyor belts at the farm (signs light up at night)
o Installed marhu’s mixing station on the farm
o Digital displays on storage/silos
o Refillable farm petrol station (20,000l)
o Water pump (Original by TMT) with a capacity of 25,000l (takes about 1.5 days to fill)
o Various halls, shelters, and hay storage
o 2 silos on the farm
Pig farming facility with mixed feed storage, water storage, and bale storage
Cattle farming facility
Garden center with manure sales point and purchase of seeds and fertilizer

Forestry yard/Company headquarters:
o Company building (workshop with liftmaster and large hall)
o 1 small hall
o (Lights in the halls at the forestry yard turn on/off automatically)
o Refillable yard petrol station (100,000l)
o Small carport
o Woodchip storage
o Log storage

Selling points:
o Butcher & slaughterhouse => Sales points for pigs and cattle
o Edeka supermarket => Sales point for eggs and wool
o Stud farm => Sales point for straw, straw bales, and mixed feed
o Straw/heat power plant => Sales point for straw, straw bales, and wood chips
o Agricultural supply company => Sales point for potatoes, sugar beets, wheat, barley, corn, rapeseed
o Hardware store (sales point for manure, compost, wood and wool pallets, as well as purchase of seeds and fertilizer)
o Furniture factory (sales point for wood and wool pallets, wood chips), among others

o Buried BGA hopper in the ground, so it can be filled with a tipper (filling capacity increased to 100,000l)
o Prepared for “Bunker Silos HUD” mod by Jakob T
Manure storage with digital level indicator
Small car wash at the gas station near the BGA
Installed marhu’s sawmill with separate wood chip storage and log storage, as well as a palette collector
Milk factory under construction (delivery of milk still possible) (Info for the next update: a smaller milk factory will be built on the milk factory premises, creating a larger open area so that you will have space to place some placeable mods there in the future)
Operating hours for dealers, straw/heat power plant, slaughterhouse => 07:00-22:00

I’ve added some objects to the map that I still had in my download folder.
Therefore, I can’t list all the modders/authors here. I don’t want to claim other people’s work as my own. If anyone finds their work on the map and wants to be mentioned here, please just message me.

Thanks go to all the modders whose objects/scripts I was able to use:
Bluebaby210 (Thanks for allowing the use of the traffic light script), Mario Diek (dealer & agricultural supply company from the DtP map, as well as some halls), Marhu (water mod, pig farming script, …), harrybo, mor2000, boertje96, möchtegernbauer, chtiseb, Nick98.1, TracMax, Fendtfan, Pandahma, manuuuu, RC-Devil, Farmer_Andy, Maxter, and others.